Recipe: Krispy Kreme burger


The glazed donut burger, the Luther-burger, is something you never knew you craved, until you hear about it. The perfect mix of sweet and savoury makes for a wonderful combination of flavours.

The Luther-burger is as easy to make as any other burger, but twice as satisfying!


Krispy Kreme or other glazed donut
Ground beef mince
American cheese slices
Bacon rashers


  1. Craft a patty from the beef mince, suitable to match the size of your glazed donut and place on the grill.
  2. Whilst the burger patty is cooking, grill bacon rashers (2 per burger tends to work best).
  3. After flipping the burger, place the slices of cheese on top, so they start to melt.
  4. Slice open the donut down the middle.
  5. Place the burger with cheese on the donut “bun”, then place the bacon on top.
  6. Place the other half of the donut on top and serve hot with waffle fries!

This meal works well with ketchup, but with the melted cheese in the burger, a sauce is only necessary if you desire one. Enjoy!

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